At Sheehy Ford of Ashland our customers' health and well being is our number one priority which is why we're now offering Service Pick Up & Delivery! Now you're able to get all of your vehicle's necessary services complete without every having to leave your house. You'll never have to set foot in the dealership because we'll bring all the paperwork to you. And you can even pay for all your services online!

It's easy to schedule your next pick and delivery service appointment!
Simply call us at (804)798-4791 and ask to make a pickup and delivery service appointment. We'll figure out a good appointment time that works for you and your schedule, then send one of our service specialists to come pick up your vehicle. As soon as we finish servicing your vehicle our service technicians will thoroughly clean and wipe down all surfaces on the interior and exterior of your car before bringing your vehicle back to your house or apartment. When we bring your vehicle back, we'll also bring you all the paperwork that you'll need to sign and your comprehensive vehicle service report. It's that easy!

How Do I Schedule My Service Pick Up and Delivery Appointment?

  1. Call us at (804)798-4791
  2. Request to make a service Pick Up & Delivery appointment
  3. Once we've scheduled your appointment one of our service specialists will pick up your vehicle form your house or apartment.
  4. We'll perform the necessary services on your vehicle.
  5. We'll thoroughly wipe down and clean all surfaces on the vehicle.
  6. Once your vehicle has been serviced and cleaned, we'll call and schedule a good time to deliver your vehicle back to you.
  7. One of our service specialists will drive your car back to your house or apartment and bring the necessary paperwork with them.
  8. You'll sign the proper paperwork and we'll help you process payment for your services.

Sheehy Ford of Ashland Cleaning Procedures:

Helping our customers maintain social distancing is incredibly important to us, and so are our cleaning procedures. All our service technicians and advisors are constantly washing their hands and wearing the proper personal protective equipment (i.e. gloves, masks, goggles). Additionally, we wipe down all surfaces that our service technicians touch with proper cleaning materials and wipes immediately after its been serviced.

By the time we bring your vehicle back to your house, it will be thoroughly cleaned. All surfaces of the vehicle, whether it's on the interior or exterior (i.e. steering wheels, door handles, gear shifters, etc.), will be wiped down and sterilized before it leaves our dealership. And when delivering your vehicle, our service specialists will also be wearing the proper protective equipment to ensure your overall health and safety.

At Sheehy Ford of Ashland, we're very excited to be able to offer Pick Up & Delivery for all our loyal customers! Your safety, health and well being are incredibly important to us. We're actively working to make it easy for everyone to get their vehicles serviced while maintaining social distancing. And if you're interested in buying a new or used vehicle, we also offer SheehyDirect! SheehyDirect is our home delivery service for everyone interested in buying a new or used vehicle. Click here to learn more about SheehyDirect.