The Expedition Provides Off-Road Performance

If you are interested in a larger SUV, take the time to check out the Ford Expedition. This SUV is noted for its comfortable interior and its powerful engine that provides good fuel efficiency. The Expedition performs well driving in Ashland, VA and in more remote places.

The Ford Expedition is equipped with an independent rear suspension. This type of suspension allows for a better ride, and it helps you to control the vehicle better in rough terrain. The Expedition's limited-slip differential is a feature that allows for better acceleration when you are driving in bad conditions such as mud, rain, ice and snow. It provides superior traction when you need it most.

When you are ready to check out the Ford Expedition, contact our Ford dealership and schedule a test drive. The sales professionals will be able to tell you why the Ford Expedition is a great choice for driving in town and out in the wilderness.

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